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AIRPORT WIEN iba 1416skk/47euro AIRPORT BRATISLAVA iba 482skk/16euro Apartment Residence
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TAXI BRATISLAVA - Quick and comfortable transportation to the airport Vienna - Schwechat, Budapest

Since 1992, successfully offering long-distance taxi services. We have the world's major passenger car brands Mercedes, Volkswagen and others.
All vehicles are equipped with safety features such as ABS, vehicle stabilization systems, airbags and air conditioning course.
This, together with a spacious interior and vehicle nadštandartný luggage compartment offers maximum comfort and safety during the journey. Vehicles are always clean build from the outside and inside.

Many years experience of our drivers, low prices and experience traveling throughout Europe, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Our services are used by natural persons, legal entities, foreign guests and tourists, according to the current pricelist.

We are here for you 24 hours daily. Running through the day and night. We guarantee the kvalitu.Naše services can be ordered by phone or by sending online ordering directly from our site and we we will be contacted within a short time. Alternatively, send an e-mail and we will respond. Feel free to check themselves on the quality of our services.

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Ján Štibraný


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